Lego Movie: Why didn’t I have Wonder Woman legos?


Apparently when I was a kid, I was too busy reading or playing with Strawberry Shortcake to notice Legos. I’m trying to understand how I never noticed Wonder Woman legos.
While I was watching the “Lego Movie” with my kids, I realized that I missed out on ton of cool legos. I’m positive that I had legos. Unfortunately, I didn’t have many and none were especially interesting. If there had been a Strawberry Shortcake lego, I would have known. Wouldn’t I?
The movie was awesome. I made it through half of the movie without falling asleep, which really is a good thing. When we went to see a dinosaur movie, I was asleep before the opening credits were over.
My kids and I will be on the hunt for UniKitty merchandise. Hopefully, I can snag a Wonder Woman keychain or something. That would be awesome!! The song “Everything is Awesome” might be the most annoying and most awesome song ever.



  1. I loved Legos as a kid. Had most of the superhero Legos. Still get nostalgic when I see them. Like you said earlier, Honey, it’s never too late. So, why don’t you get those Wonder Woman Legos now? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And yea, the movie was terrific.

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