How Do You Bounce Back After a Terrible Day? And a poll . . .

How Do You Bounce Back After a Terrible Day?

I’m having the worst day ever. I got stuck in snow drift . . . again. Lost phone in said snow drift. Could not go to work because of said snow drift. My kid scraped the paint off of the wall. My boyfriend is mad at me. My boss is mad at me. I’m pretty sure that my co-workers are furious. On the plus side, I found my name badge. Of course, it won’t matter if I get fired. I should be working on writing a happy story. It might have to wait until tomorrow.
How do you bounce back after a day like that?




  1. I know those days well. They suck and sometimes I can laugh at all the unfortunate circumstances and the more I do the harder I laugh. The days I don’t see the humor, I count the seconds til I go to sleep and hope tomorrow will be a better day 😉

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