I Want to Be the Barefoot Contessa: NaBloPoMo

I Want to Be the Barefoot Contessa: NaBloPoMo

Do you do more for yourself or for others?

Considering that I just completed an unexpected twelve hour shift, I vote for others. There are other days when I do things for myself, like blogging or finding comic books. Sometimes I take a nap, which is for everyone who lives with me. It’s better than being Ms. Grumpy Pants.
If I could be a better hostess, that would be great. Would I be allowed to call myself the “Barefoot Contessa.” I know the name is taken but it sounds fancy and laid-back. I’m a good hostess,except that I don’t invite people over and I don’t cook. Or make appetizers. I make coffee and buy wine. Sometimes I buy cheese and put it on triscuits.
There was that one time I had a guest. It’s been at least six months. Probably time for another guest. It’s a good excuse to go buy a different variety of coffee and creamer. Maybe I can buy some fancy cheese and crackers to go with the fancy wine.


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  1. I love this post! I laughed all the way through. Except you don’t invite people, cook, or make appetizers. Priceless! I bet your cheese on Triscuits is awesome though! And you nailed it on the head about naps. We do it for others. Sometimes, I don’t think they appreciate our efforts enough!

    1. Thanks! Gonna take naps for the greater good 🙂

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