“Jolene” or Why Dolly Parton is Awesome: A to Z Challenge

This is the second post that I’ve written about a topic related to Country music. Apparently, I’m in denial about liking Country music.
“Jolene” is a song written and performed by Dolly Parton. It has been covered by many performers. Here is a short list: The White Stripes, Dami Im, Olivia Newton-John, Strawberry Switchblade, Queenadreena, Straight No Chaser. There are several other covers.
Who can blame all of these performers? It is a great song. I read that it is #219 on Rolling Stone’s list of top 500 songs.

The story of “Jolene” doesn’t end there. The song has influenced E.L. Doctorow to write “Jolene: A Life.”
Then the story was turned into a film directed by Dan Ireland. I haven’t seen the movie yet. It’s on the to-do list. In the meantime, I’m going to watch the “Jolene” video about a hundred times.



  1. I like Dolly Too. She sang a version of “Landslide” that was pretty. Do you think she could sing the blues as well as she does country music?

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