Crouching Tiger/Loves Dragons


My youngest kid has been known to play dress up even when it’s not Halloween. When she was three, she wore her witch dress and hat to preschool. It was February.
Today, she wanted to wear her tiger ears to her sister’s track meet. What can I say? I wish that I had my own tiger ears to wear.
She is her own person. I appreciate her individuality.



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  1. So cute.. my daughter, when she was that age, would want to wear her entire Tinkerbell costume everywhere we went. I let her.. she was my youngest and they grow out of that stage so quickly.

  2. LOL! I had that moment when Mr. T was little “No, you can’t wear your Batman costume”. Then I stopped and thought about it – why couldn’t he? And, if I spent money on it – I want to get my money’s worth! LOL.

    To this day, he still dresses up with me 🙂

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