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Do you remember a recent dream you had? Or an older one that stayed vivid in your mind? Today, you’re your own Freud: Tell us the dream, then interpret it for us! Feel free to be as serious or humorous as you see fit, or to invent a dream if you can’t remember a real one.

Occasionally, I still dream that I have missed the school bus. It’s not always the same. Most of the time, I can hear the bus coming down the road. Sometimes, I’m still tying my shoes or grabbing my book bag. Sometimes I’m ready for the bus and it just doesn’t stop at my house. Once in awhile, I catch the bus.
The seasons change. The location that the bus stops is almost always the same. When I was in fourth grade, my mom flipped the car over. She was driving me to school because I missed the bus. In my dream, the bus always stops at the same spot. No one was hurt. The car hardly had a scratch on it. It did deter me from driving and getting my license.
So what does this dream mean? I think the meaning changes when the dream changes. If I miss the bus, it could mean that I need to be more responsible or take advantage of opportunities. When the bus drives by, I probably need to be more persistent with some issue in my life. Some might say that I should have been more persistent about driving. I think that I started catching the bus after I got my license. In a way, the dream could be saying that I’m on the right track and to keep driving. It could also mean that I should remain persistent and keep overcoming obstacles.


Sleep vs. Pretty Little Liars: Daily Post


After a long day of work and blogging, I usually watch Netflix. Blogging sometimes keeps me up later than I expect and I only have a few hours of sleep before starting the whole cycle over again.
The show that always keeps me awake is Pretty Little Liars. I almost hate to admit that I’m addicted to PLL. I just finished the last show on Netflix. I feel like I have to see it until the end. I’m too invested in it to give up now.
And I have to know who A is. I JUST HAVE TO KNOW!! I have a suspect in mind. It’s an athletic male who Ally’s mom was protecting. If it’s not Jason DiLaurentis, then I give up on guessing.


Sometimes I’m too scared to sleep after watching it, especially if no one is home.
It’s not an Agatha Christie mystery but it’s close enough. I could never guess the culprit in Christie’s mysteries either. I kept reading her books because the stories were so good.


Bucket List Goal Completed: Paint Fight!!


Today my family completed a goal on the bucket list. We had a paint fight! I don’t think they knew it was a bucket list goal. To them, it was something fun. It was also the first time that we did a paint fight.
We mixed paint and water in water guns. I bought some white shirts for all of us. If anyone does this activity, there is no guarantee that the paint will come out of your clothes. It will come out of your hair and off of your car. Next time, I will definitely buy more paint.
Everyone had a great time! Even my middle kid, who was hesitant to do it. I helped her get her older sister. From then on she had a good time too!
My friend, Amber came over to be the official photographer. There is also no guarantee that my camera would survive a paint fight. Since Lucas dumped paint on my head, it would have been unlikely. It was all in good fun. 🙂

Dear Destino: NaBloPoMo


Tell us about the best advice you ever received from a reader.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about going to a blog conference. In the post, I asked readers to take a poll. Should I go or not go? Many people either took the poll or commented. Some readers did both.
The consensus was that I should go for the following reasons: 1. I could learn something that would improve the blog. 2. It’s an opportunity to make connections and blog friends. 2. It’s so close how could I not go? The conference is literally 15 minutes away. It’s almost too good to be true. The less I have to drive, the better.
Even my mom said I should go and play with other bloggers. She also said I should wear something clean and maybe use the iron. You know, motherly advice.

Oh My Gosh! Yahoo Voices


Oh my goodness. Yahoo Voices published my article called “I Love the Way You Lie.” Of all of the blog posts that I have written, I am really proud of this one.
So I am so excited that it has been published. I was excited about the other ones but this article is special.
So feel free to share the article with everyone that you know! 🙂 Thanks!!


Destino’s Interview with . . . Stolen Babies

@wendybirdfotos. From Facebook profile
@wendybirdfotos. From Facebook profile

This interview was going to be recorded but due to some technical difficulties, we had to do an old school interview. Luckily, they still make pens and paper.
I was very excited to do the interview with Dominique Persi from Stolen Babies. She was very punctual, which is rare for a musician. Persi was calling from California. Luckily, we had our timing right in spite of difference in time zones.

How old were you when you began playing the accordion?

15, 16, 17. . . I can’t remember. I started taking lessons when I was 17. It was brief, for about a year.

How did you become interested in the accordion?

My father had one in the house. He was forced into playing it. My brother played it. He was a big influence. Since he played it first, it peaked my curiosity. I was probably about 13 when I heard my brother play.
In the band before Stolen Babies, it was more instrumental. So I didn’t bring material for vocals. The accordion was my instrument. I play the electric bass but I wasn’t going to bring it. Rani already played the bass.
There was an incentive to play the accordion around other musicians. As a vocalist, I felt connected to the accordion. It breathes, has a set of lungs. I felt connected to the way it breathes. I had a knack for the breathing.

Do you have any favorite venues?
I have a lot. We started touring frequently about two years ago. We’ve played the Palladium in Wooster, Massachusetts. We’ve played the big room and the second slot in the smaller room. It was a lot of fun. Both rooms have appeal. I like being closer to people.
Peabody’s in Cleveland, Ohio also had multiple rooms. It was dirty and smelly but I like dirty, smelly venues. The old cigarettes and old beer has the smell of a club. It’s a comforting smell to me. Peabody’s had that smell.

Do you feel like you have to work harder because you are a female in a rock band?
Not harder. There’s a difference in the way genders are looked at. I’m in a band with guys that it doesn’t matter that I’m a female. I work harder because I’m not a Sharone brother.
Females may feel like they have to make a name for themselves.
I’m not trying to make a name for myself. I’m not an icon. The female voice may be a turn off in certain genres.
If you’re not attractive or too attractive, in that way – it’s hard.

Who does your makeup when you’re on tour? </strong

I do my makeup. Eyeliner is like a pair of shoes. It’s second on the list of priorities – shoes and then eyeliner. Makeup is a huge thing. I’m not comfortable until I put on a mask. So the makeup is a layer.
I admire people who can co on stage without makeup. I’m not at that point yet.

What is your favorite Tim Burton movie?
I’m not a fan of current Tim Burton movies. Sleepy Hollow was the end of the Tim Burton fandom for me. Beetlejuice and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is a perfect movie. Tim Burton’s appeal is the comedic timing. Pacing is important.

What do you do during downtime?
I like to go hiking. There are great forests up here. I spend as much time as possible in the forest. I need that escape. I love the beach too.

Do you have any side projects?
I don’t. I write material thinking if I want to do a solo album. I’ll turn Rani’s stuff down because it’s not the right vibe.
We try to make material that will work in the band.
I want to work with my boyfriend who writes great stuff. It’s nice to have our own projects separate from each other. He is brilliant. I’m a fan of what he does musically.
I did a guest vocal on Devin Townsend’s album, Ziltoid 2. (http://universalchoir.insideoutmusic.com/)

Do you have any goals?
I’d like the Stolen Babies to be more prolific. We write but have trouble. The execution is the challenge. I’d like to do more stuff with the Stolen Babies before we end. More songs, more albums. Things that we want to do to put a period on it. I’d also like to do a concept album based on the band we were in, the Fratelli’s.

Do you have any mentors?
Not mentors. No. My boyfriend, people that I surround myself with. Rani has been a mentor since I met him. No famous idols right now. When I was a kid, Danny Elfman was but not now.

from Stolen Babies Facebook profile
from Stolen Babies Facebook profile

If you would like to see the Stolen Babies as much as I do, this is a list of upcoming shows.

Upcoming tour dates:
07/15/14 New York, NY Irving Plaza United States

07/16/14 Worcester, MA Upstairs @ The Palladium United States

07/17/14 Montreal, QB Le National Canada

07/18/14 Toronto, QC The Mod Club Canada

07/19/14 Pontiac, MI The Crofoot Ballroom United States

07/21/14 Lawrence, KS Granada United States

07/22/14 Denver, CO Bluebird Theater United States

07/24/14 San Francisco, CA The Regency Ballroom United States

07/25/14 West Hollywood, CA The Roxy United States

For more information, visit their website at http://stolenbabiestheband.com/. They have some great shirts in the merch section.

Longest Comment: NaBloPoMo

Kimberly. Surprise! I borrowed your picture because I needed a picture. :)
Kimberly. Surprise! I borrowed your picture because I needed a picture. 🙂

If a comment is getting too long, do you turn it into a post on your own blog? Point us towards a post that grew out of leaving a comment.

I don’t think that I have a post that started out as a comment. It’s not too late, is it?
If I was going to do the longest comment post on earth, it might look like the following letter.

Dear Kimberly,
Thank you so much for sharing your posts about ADHD. It has been a great help to me this year.
As you know, EvaDiva was diagnosed with ADHD last fall. It took some time to adjust to being in kindergarten and the new medication. I think she and I did fairly well this school year. She did make it to first grade so that is progress.
Your support and friendship has been invaluable. It was nice to know I could ask for your advice if we ran into a road block with the ADHD experience.
I’ll be thinking of you and your family over the summer. Hopefully, you will have some awesome adventures! Pray for me and I’ll pray for you!! 🙂

Your blogging friend for life,


Kimberly can be found at

Surprise: Yahoo Voices

press pass

Well, my teenager has been on the computer for like a week straight. My computer time was really limited – it’s been a busy, busy week. In the teenager’s defense, she did get off of the computer when asked without much attitude. It’s suspicious, isn’t it?
So on June 16, Yahoo Voices published several of my articles. I just noticed today. I’m pleasantly surprised.
If you want to check them out and share with your friends, they are at the following links:

Rye of the Tiger Beer Review

What Would Lois Lane Do?

Where are the Rock Goddesses?

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Describe a typical day in your life — but do it in a form or in a medium you’ve rarely — if ever – used before. If you’re a photoblogger, write a poem. If you’re a poet, write an open letter. If you’re a travel blogger, write a rant. (These are all examples — choose whatever form you feel like trying out!)



Walking Dead Haiku Comment: NaBloPoMo


Tell us about a comment you left that was a masterpiece.

I do not know if my comments could be called “masterpieces.” Most of my comments are too short. Haikus can be masterpieces though.
My comments that I do like are usually on posts about “The Walking Dead” or “Orange is the New Black.” D. Parker has so many great posts about “The Walking Dead.” I comment on as many as I can.
If I was going to leave a haiku comment for D. Parker at http://yadadarcyyada.com/ it might look like:

Hey Yada Parker,

Walking Dead we love so much!

Daryl! Angel Wings