Mayhem Festival: Photographers are A@@holes

If I didn’t think so before the Mayhem Festival, I am positive now . . . . photographers are a@@holes. I include myself in this group, whether my fellow a@@hole photographers think so or not. My camera is not as big as some but I did my research and had good settings. Settings are half of the battle.

The other half of the battle is kneeling on cement and blocking elbows from other photographers. Next time, I’ll bring knee pads, elbow pads and maybe a helmet. Actually, I could dress up like my Roller Derby persona, Poka Hotness. That could be fun.

It was totally worth all of the pain to see Trivium, Korn and Avenged Sevenfold up close. Asking Alexandria was there also. However, I did not go into the photo pit for their show.

Lucas’ favorite band is Trivium. He was allowed to come into the photo pit for their first song. He was very pleased. I’m definitely on the way to earning the girlfriend of the year award. They put on a great show. It was my first time to see them in concert.

This was my second time to see Korn. I can honestly say, I love them. They put on a great live performance. I was trying not to be a fangirl and stare the whole time. I don’t think anyone heard me scream because I was keeping it all inside.

Since we were waiting in line, we missed most of Ice-T and Body Count. The last two songs were awesome. Hopefully, I’ll get to see them again.

I realize that I could have been an a@@hole photographer and pushed through the line. I could have said, “Look at me and how important I am.” It seemed like some bitchassness. I may be an a@@hole but I do not partake in bitchassness.

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