Drunk History: Funniest Show Ever.

Drunk History with Derek Waters
Drunk History with Derek Waters


Have you seen “Drunk History” yet? I think it might be the funniest show that I’ve ever seen.

There is a narrator who tells a story about history, while drinking. It’s is hilarious.

The actors that re-enact the scene lip-sync whatever the narrator says. No one knows what the narrator is going to say. The narrator probably doesn’t know what they are going to say. Hilarity ensues!

“Drunk History” is on Comedy Central at 10 p.m. on Tuesday. Tonight’s episode features Steven Yeun from “The Walking Dead.”

I’m so glad that there is so much history. “Drunk History” should be able to have enough material for the rest of eternity.

My new dream is to be the drunk narrator. The narrator’s are usually celebrities. A girl can dream, right?! Derek Waters is welcome to call me anytime.




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