Pumpkin Spice = Temptation: NaBloPoMo

Pumpkin spiced flavoured everything: can’t get enough OR enough already!


Little Sister #2 asked me last night, “Mommy, do you really know how to make pumpkin pie? Because I would really like some pumpkin pie.”

The answer is yes. I really do know how to make a pumpkin pie. If I hadn’t had a migraine, I would have considered making one. I would have even driven to the store to get the crust. This mommy does not have the patience to make her own crust. Anyway, I would drag myself into the kitchen just to make a pumpkin pie. Making a pumpkin pie for Little Sister #2 might be at the top of the to-do list this week.

Who is immune to the deliciousness of pumpkin spiced anything? No one in this house can resist the temptation of pumpkin. Who knew that pumpkins could hold such power over people?

Seriously, why aren’t I in the car already to buy more pumpkin spice lattes and pie crust?

I found this recipe on pinterest. After I stock up on pumpkins and coffee, I may never leave the house again.

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