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Earliest memory of another person from their perspective.

Here I am in Ohio. I feel like I’m a million miles away from my family. My mom is in Kansas. I miss my Royals. I miss Zarda’s BBQ.  Really any Kansas City BBQ will do at this point.  I miss not being stuck in the worst blizzard since 1922 or whenever.

I followed a man to Ohio and got married. I don’t know anyone except for my kid, who is four years old now. My mother-in-law isn’t sure what to think of me.  My kid won’t eat anything but hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Everyone thinks I’m starving her but I’m not. She is just a picky eater. Possibly the pickiest eater on the planet.

I’m pretty sure that a nervous breakdown is right around the corner. Maybe a good cry will be okay. Maybe the kid won’t notice. She’s four. What are the odds that she’ll remember?


P.S. I’m the kid in the picture. This is my mom’s point of view or what I think she might have been thinking in 1978.


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  1. You’re OK, Hollie, I can tell from keeping track of you right here on WP. Can you swing a return to Kansas somehow for a little bit? Feed the soul (and your stomach with some BBQ).

    1. I’m the kid. (That’s me in the pic in 1978.) My mom is the one from Kansas. I do miss the bbq too. 😉

      1. I know you’re the kid. I told you I’ve been reading …

      2. 🙂 Sweet. Never had a stalker before. It’s about time. Lol

  2. We moved when my first child was a baby, and I was home with her at the time, and it was sort of crazy-making not to know anyone (but temporary). Enjoy what there is to enjoy, and anyone who wants to but in about your kids diet can suck an egg.

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