Oh My Glob! Ohio Comic Con is in 1 Week


So I’ve been laying around being sick today. I haven’t had the energy to do much, except watch Hugh Jackman movies . . . yes, still watching Hugh Jackman. Yes, I know it’s been at least twelve hours.

Currently watching:

But I digress. The other thing that I have been doing is reading comic books. I just read “Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman.” We can talk more about it later. It did get me to thinking about how close Ohio Comic Con is. It’s only a week away.
So while I have some time, I’m planning my day. Wizard World has a map of guests and exhibitors. My friend of a friend Tracey will be there. She’s friends with Norman Reedus.


I envy her above all others.
She has a cool website with lots of cool stuff. So I’m hoping to get to meet her in person this year. Maybe we’ll do a selfie.

Renee Witterstaetter is going to be there. So why is that cool? Renee Witterstaetter is a comic book publisher and artist, who is behind the reintroduction of “She-Hulk.” As you may know, I love “She-Hulk.” If I dress as She-Hulk, then maybe we can take a selfie.

You can see some of her art work and other things that she does at . . .


I’ll be over here thinking about who else to visit in between Hugh Jackman movies and naptime.

P.S. I did not get a press pass. It’s ok. There’s always next year. There is also still fun to be had. So in the words of Tim Gunn, I will make it work.

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