I’ve Got Skills: NaBloPoMo

What knowledge do you have that others don’t? Write a “how to” post about anything you’ve got skills for, small or large.

Skills, I know I have them. I’ve been thinking about what they are all morning. This isn’t going to be a how to post, as much as a list of skills.

List of Skills that you would have if you were me:
1. I am really good at copy editing. At one point, I thought about making a career of it. It’s not out of the question yet. If you need an editor, let me know. 🙂

2. I’m kind of funny. Funny is not a skill that everyone has or can ever have. Yes, you can work on it but some of funny comes naturally. Natural funny is the funniest.


3. I can take a good photograph. Not all of my photographs are good. Some of them will never see the light of day. However, I keep practicing. I read articles about how to take different types of photographs. I try out different angles and lighting. Also, I participate in photo challenges, which have been fun. The latest photo challenge that I’ve been doing is Photography 101. It’s a good place to start.


4. Curiosity. Is curiosity a skill? I’m not positive. I do know that I am curious about a variety of things. So I’m trying to put it to good use by doing interviews. Since I was curious about press passes, I found out how to get them. I don’t always get them but the percentage of actually receiving a press pass is fairly high. It never hurts to ask.

5. I have one nurse aide trick. I know how to get a brief off and a new one back on – without taking the pants and shoes off. Tricky! However, if the resident has khakis on, forget it. The pant legs will be too tight.



  1. I’m enjoying you doing the photo challenge, and I love your list of skills – and I agree with all of them! You are naturally funny! 🙂 And, I love the curiosity and courage it took to investigate the option of getting a press badge, that was genius!

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