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Somethingist: near


Near. Yet so far for some.

Rarasaur’s challenge

30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 16


10 minutes of working on the core? Perfect. I’m almost running out of time. Luckily, there was a 10 minute video. It was awesome. Tara Stiles has the most relaxing sit-ups ever until you start to feel the burn in your muscles. Before you know it, you’re working up a sweat and then it’s over.


Sorry, I could not resist.

P.S. I did find a website, Cloudy with a Chance of Wine, with more workouts for moms who don’t have time. The link is under the picture at the top. Enjoy!

Funny Girl: NaBloPoMo

Are you the funny one in most groups? What kinds of things do you find funniest?


I am the funny one in most groups. Some groups don’t know it yet. Other groups are in denial. They don’t think I say much either because I’m a snob or I’m not very smart. Neither of those reasons are true. I’m very friendly, unless you’re a jerk or you are flirting with my boyfriend. Maybe I’m not a rocket scientist but I get by well enough with what brains I do have. I’m just quiet and busy casing the room to find all of the emergency exits.
When I’m in a group with loud people, I am quiet and unassuming. Most of the loud people don’t notice that I’m funny until it slips out. The funniness escapes from my mouth before I can stop it. On a few occasions, I zing somebody who is trying to zing someone else and failing. So the zinger comes out and puts them out of their misery. It’s not something I plan. It just happens. (Why do I sound like I’m cheating? I’m not cheating. I swear I am always faithful to humor.)

After the zinger come out, it’s too late, the loud people know. Then they either love me or hate me. I think I zinged someone’s boyfriend once. We don’t talk much anymore. I’m okay with that because I will stand by what I said. I can’t say it on the blog. My mother reads this for gosh sake’s. She’ll appreciate that I said something hysterically funny. However, if my mom is there, I am not the funniest one in the room anymore. I am also okay with that.

The things that I find funny are Monty Python and autocorrect posts that circulate on the Internet. They make me laugh until I cry every time. It’s makes me wish that my phone had autocorrect. Here’s a link to some autocorrect fails and my favorite Monty Python skit. Enjoy!

I’ve Got Skills: NaBloPoMo

What knowledge do you have that others don’t? Write a “how to” post about anything you’ve got skills for, small or large.

Skills, I know I have them. I’ve been thinking about what they are all morning. This isn’t going to be a how to post, as much as a list of skills.

List of Skills that you would have if you were me:
1. I am really good at copy editing. At one point, I thought about making a career of it. It’s not out of the question yet. If you need an editor, let me know. 🙂

2. I’m kind of funny. Funny is not a skill that everyone has or can ever have. Yes, you can work on it but some of funny comes naturally. Natural funny is the funniest.


3. I can take a good photograph. Not all of my photographs are good. Some of them will never see the light of day. However, I keep practicing. I read articles about how to take different types of photographs. I try out different angles and lighting. Also, I participate in photo challenges, which have been fun. The latest photo challenge that I’ve been doing is Photography 101. It’s a good place to start.


4. Curiosity. Is curiosity a skill? I’m not positive. I do know that I am curious about a variety of things. So I’m trying to put it to good use by doing interviews. Since I was curious about press passes, I found out how to get them. I don’t always get them but the percentage of actually receiving a press pass is fairly high. It never hurts to ask.

5. I have one nurse aide trick. I know how to get a brief off and a new one back on – without taking the pants and shoes off. Tricky! However, if the resident has khakis on, forget it. The pant legs will be too tight.


Farts are Funny: Daily Post


What was the last thing that gave you a real, authentic, tearful, hearty belly laugh? Why was it so funny?

A few months ago, Lucas was in the restroom and Eva was knocking on the door. So he made some farting noises every time she knocked on the door or said something. I can’t even tell you how long I laughed. It was for at least thirty minutes. It could have even been an hour. Whenever I think about it, I giggle for quite awhile.
I don’t even know why farts are funny. Why do I still think farts are funny even though I’m not a twelve year old kid? I guess because farts are just funny. It can’t be helped.

Here is a chart that has interesting facts about farts. Enjoy! 🙂