Popularity Skills: NaBloPoMo

What is the one skill in other bloggers that you wish you had?


Some bloggers have all of the luck with popularity. There are bloggers out there who have tons of views. They are the kings and queens of the blogging world. Uber popular.

In some cases, I can see why. Their blogs are awesome and outrageous (in a good way). They are friendly and have a great relationship with their audience. Occasionally, the posts go viral and their popularity skyrockets even more.

In other cases, I’m not sure what the mystique is. There isn’t anything wrong with their blogs but my blog is just as good. How are they getting that many views? If they can do it, what is their secret?

It reminds me of how mean girls are still popular although they are mean to their very core.


Sometimes I feel popular and then I look at my stats page and it tells a different story. So I just keep drinking my coffee . . . talking to blogging friends . . . sitting wherever I can find a seat. Personally, I like the fangirl table. Those chicks are cool even though they aren’t cool by cool girl standards. They’re still cool in my book. By the way, I don’t have a burn book. It’s not cool.

I’m still searching for the answers. Answers are so fetch. . .


Or not.

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  1. I think about this sometimes, too. I found that the more I post (which makes me feel like I’m shoving my blog in people’s faces, btw) the better my stats are… but I worry people will get tired of hearing how I embarrass myself on a daily basis. If ever you find the answer to views, let me know! PS – Good call with the Mean Girls.

    1. Thanks! I will let you know if I find the answer. 🙂 Until then we just keep posting and putting our blog out into the blogosphere. 🙂
      Can’t wait to see how you embarrass yourself. I embarrass myself on the regular too. 🙂

  2. Stats are really weird. I figure I just stick with communicating with the people who do put up with my daily posts and anyone else who wants to join in can. It goes in waves, for sure.

    I do wonder sometimes about those who get HuffPo recognition, etc., how are they able to do that, but then I don’t know if I want that kind of pressure on myself. I hobby blog. The end 🙂

    1. I know how to submit to HuffPo. I just haven’t decided to do it. 🙂

  3. I’ll sit at the fan girl table with you! 🙂

    1. Sweeet!! 🙂 Good times!

  4. I gave up popularity ages ago. I blog simply because I want to, I enjoy it, it’s creative and keeps me growing. Popularity only has meaning to me if readers find value or benefit from what I post. If others don’t value my work, at least I do.

    1. That sounds like a good plan. 🙂

    2. Good Point Ms. Roth! 🙂

  5. I don’t care how many likes or followers I get. I just write and create for myself. I only want to see it in a ‘likeable jacket’. :-))

    1. Likeable jacket. 🙂 Sounds lovely.

  6. I like connecting with some of the other bloggers. I like being creative through writing. Right now I am not hoping to become super popular. I think that does put a lot of pressure on you. Then you have to worry always about “what will the readers like?” You need to worry about being trendy. I was never a very trendy kind of girl. I think some of the blogs are kind of like mean girls or boys and I don’t admire them.

  7. I LOVE this post. Can so relate to this: “Sometimes I feel popular and then I look at my stats page and it tells a different story”. Think I’d rather be a nobody than a mean ‘somebody’ anyways 🙂

  8. I’ve found that sassy, grabby titles that present a sort of challenge to the reader seem to be my most popular articles. My most popular article (and one that STILL appears in my Top Posts list two months later) is “My Son is Furry: Got a Problem with That?” Outside of that, commenting on other blogs helps get me more followers and hits, and of course replying to comments I get is incredibly important. Ignoring comments will make you seem unwelcoming and unfriendly, and you might even lose followers. I try to answer all my comments, even the most banal. If I have nothing to say in response, I’ll at least “Like” it.

    1. I wrote a post about Wonder Woman last year. It still gets at least one view every day. 🙂
      Cute title. Gotta love sassy titles! 🙂

      1. Wonder woman? Well, that is grabby. I’ll read it.

      2. Awesome! 🙂

  9. I’m really glad I found you all ! I could really relate to this post as well as the thread of comments. I want to blog mainly for me & if one or more others are inspired along the way, well then, that’s even better.

  10. While it’s good to know that other people are reading my blog (it would be awful to be writing to no audience at all), I haven’t really given it much thought as to how many people are reading it. If I start comparing my little corner of the web to other people’s I’d suffer from the comparison. So I’ll just tend to my garden and leave the rest of the world to theirs. 🙂 That’s what works for me anyway. I guess what I’m trying to say is… popularity is overrated. Even in high school (in the 80’s man, I’m old!) a lot of people knew me and liked me, but I was far from “popular”. I left that to the people who cared about such things.

    So just keep writing. We’ll keep reading.

    1. Great answer. Well said. I went to high school in the late 80s early 90s. eeek!

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