So You’re Going to be an Editor: NaBloPoMo

You are given unlimited funds and a fabulous team of programmers and told to create your own social networking platform.Tell us all about your ideal, fictional social media site.


In all seriousness, I was just thinking about this the other day. If I could make a computer program . . . because I really don’t want to be more social than I am already . . . I would make an editing program. There is Grammarly, which is cool.

However, I want a program that would let me look at someone else’s work, edit and then send it back to them – red marks and all. If I want someone to look at my work, I want it to be a human. I also want people to know that I’m human, which means that I care if they make mistakes. You need someone like me to help you fix your writing. I want to be able to scribble little notes in the margin. It’s hard to do on a computer screen. Also, humans can add insight to the author’s work. Can a computer do that?

Is there a way to do this already? If so, I have not found it yet. You need me to edit your writing. I need insight. So get on it computer programmers!

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  1. I wish I could make my online students mail me copies of their papers and exams. I don’t want the expense of printing them or mailing them back…. But I so much prefer to edit on paper. When I edited my friends Ph.D. Dissertation I used word to create the little bubbles in the margins with very human comments like “wtf is an Airedale dog?” and “are you even reading this?” That seemed to work out ok, but a printed copy would have been easier for me. For him, though the emailed versions of his paper were easier for him to correct… He could click right where I highlighted an error and fix it in a jiffy.

  2. Yeah! I, for some reason, find a lot of joy in proofreading and editing and would love a program where I could edit from afar and send it back. The editing option in Word is okay.. but it’s not the same, I agree.

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