Wonder Woman Christmas List: Writing Challenge

Dear Santa,

I know that I’m still an around the way girl on the inside but I feel like I have to take my sassiness to a new level. During the upcoming year, I plan to become practically invincible, like Wonder Woman. To become invincible, I will need the following things:

  • Bulletproof bracelets. It’s a dangerous world. We might as well look classy and sassy, while protecting ourselves.
  • Lasso of Truth. I have one in my purse but I think it’s broken.
  • Tiara. Everyone needs a tiara to keep people from playing mind games.
  • Invisible Plane.
  • Power Ring of Love. Who doesn’t like a little bling? The bonus is that I would be able to know who everyone’s true love is.

If you and the elves could please fulfill my demands. . .I mean, wishes, that would be great.



Wonder Woman by Drew Blank
Wonder Woman by Drew Blank

P.S. If you doubt my love for Wonder Woman, check out a few of my Wonder Woman posts.


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