Skylanders are Stealing my Soul: Mommyhood


My patience with these Skylanders is at an all time low. They can’t carry a tune. I’m pretty sure they only know one or two songs. I have one of their songs stuck in my head right now.

Little Sister #1 and Little Sister #2 are completely addicted to this game. Little Sister #1 is always concerned that the game won’t save her progress or money. She has a point. It saves most things but not always everything.

They would play it from the moment their eyes open until they can’t keep their eyes open anymore. It takes a major effort to get them to turn the game off so they eat and socialize with other people.

And the fighting. They fight constantly about who goes first and which Skylander to use. It’s exhausting to be in the same room with all of them.

Occasionally, they have to take a potty break. It’s never a long enough break for me to hide the game or accidentally drop those little Skylander jerks in the driveway under my tire.

Maybe next time . . .


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