Budweiser, You’re Ruining My Reputation


Dear Budweiser,

If I have to get a dog now, I’m blaming you.

How am I supposed to tell my kids that I don’t like dogs? Now they’re going to see me cry every time the Budweiser commercial with the dog searching for his owner. I’ve been crying all morning.

How can I look my kids in the eye and say, “No. Mommy doesn’t like dogs. We’re not getting a dog.”

Budweiser, you are not helping me keep my reputation of not liking dogs. Traitor.

How can I play the mean ol’ mom role now? They are not going to buy it. My eyes are all red and puffy now. My eyeliner started running and hasn’t stopped.

So, watch this commercial and cry with me.

4 responses to “Budweiser, You’re Ruining My Reputation”

  1. Visit the homes of dog owners and let the clean up the poop, itch from fleas and pay the vet who actually makes more than my cardiologist.

  2. So go to grandma’s house is what you’re saying? Yeah, that should do it. 😉

  3. Ha! Now I want a Clydesdale and I’m terrified of horses.

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