All’s Fair in Love and Cupcakes: Book Review


“All’s Fair in Love and Cupcakes” by  Betsy St. Amant is unbelievably cute. The cover is cute. The story is cute. I believe that this book would be perfect as a movie on the Hallmark Channel. Seriously, Hallmark Channel, please make this into a movie.

It’s a nice, wholesome story about people that struggle with not having faith in themselves or in God’s plan for them.

The main character, Kat, is stuck baking boring cupcakes in a small town. She wants to branch out into gourmet cupcakes but her boss, who is also her aunt, doesn’t want to make anything besides vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Her friend, Lucas, who is secretly in love with her, signs her up for “Combat Cupcakes,” a reality show in which contestants bake cupcakes.

This could be the answer to the prayers; however, she would have to leave Lucas, who she secretly wants to have as a boyfriend. Drama ensues.

It was an enjoyable book to read. I would definitely recommend it to my mom or my mom blogger friends. There might be some dad bloggers who would also enjoy it also.

*This is another book that I received in exchange for doing a review.

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  1. I might have to check out this book. I love books with cute covers. I know that’s probably terrible to say. Thanks for the review, I love finding new books.

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