BlogHer or Type A? Conferences, Conferences


I’ve been trying to organize my social life calendar – I know, not everyone has a social life. My social calendar is extremely limited. I try to fit in one or two events every year. Rock on the Range is already out of the question. ( It’s on my youngest daughter’s birthday. I would feel guilty rockin’ out instead of celebrating her birthday. )

Some years I’m fortunate enough to attend three events. Other years, I can only have free ice cream at Dairy Queen on my birthday and that’s only if I bring a coupon, birth certificate and a co-signer.

So this year, I would like to attend a blog conference. Since this year is BlogHer’s 10th anniversary, it would be so much fun – way more fun than Dairy Queen. It’s in New York City – very exciting.

I’m pretty sure I’m not taking a bus. It’s cheap but I don’t really want to put myself in such a precarious situation. Bus stations at 2 a.m. are not the place to be in any city. However, a bus ride would make for an interesting story but it’s not worth the risk.

Maybe a train? Probably not a plane.

Also, should I look for a roommate? The hotel cost . . . yikes. Let’s just say, it could ruin the budget for eternity.

Is it okay if I’m really out of practice as far as living with other people? I mean, I live with my boyfriend but he likes me already. He also has the patience of Job. Patience of Job – I’m not even kidding.

There is also Type -A Parent Conference in October. It’s in Atlanta this October. It could be fun. Has anyone ever been to a Type- A Conference?


“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


  1. Hi. I hope you can make it to Type-A and let me know if you have any questions. 🙂 We also just announced a bootcamp in NYC and you can find details at … the bootcamps are much smaller and one day vs. 3 day but if you are closer to NYC it’s a chance to try a Type-A conference.

  2. Type A is a fabulous event. And the venue, location, amenities make it a great weekend too. Type A attracts some of the best speakers, topics and most thorough discussions on blogging topics. I’d highly recommend you going. (And it’s way cheaper than going to NYC)

  3. I have been to a Type-A Parent conference and highly recommend because of the content, size, ability to network not only with smart attendees but also the speakers. The connections made are worth your time and money. The conference is also doing smaller events in cities across the country. I know one is planned for NYC.

  4. I’d vote for Type A. It is smaller, more focused and geared toward fun as much as learning. And the people are all really nice. Like go out of their way to help you nice. Type A is great for new bloggers but they also have advanced tracks for veterans. I’ve been to both and Type A wins for me.

  5. I have been to Type-A Parent in Charlotte and I found the content, events, networking more than worth the cost and my time. The size is great too because you can truly network with sponsors, speakers, and attendees.

  6. I love Type A! . I learned so much and connected with great people. It was just the right size for me too. As cheesy as this sounds, I was there by myself and everyone was so welcoming. I was invited to dinner every night from different people and asked to join at tables during meals. Type A folks are a welcoming bunch!!

  7. I have never been to a blog conference but was considering going to BlogHer for the first time this year since it is in NYC which is just a 2 hour train ride away from home. I have heard of Type A but not much.. I also do not consider myself a type A parent, lol!

  8. I’ve been to Type-A a few times. The content has always been good, and it’s small enough that you have the opportunity to get to know people.

  9. If you consider not going to type-a, you may as well consider giving up breathing for the year.

    They are both equally important and necessary.

    Well…. Maybe not breathing…..

  10. Type-A hands down! Perfect size, amazing location, well-planned and great content. They are very focused on creating a community leading up to the conference, connecting people during, and staying in touch after. Folks that attend are so friendly and welcoming – some of the smartest and most beautiful people I’ve ever met. Food is yummy, sponsors are fabulous. It’s great fun and well worth the time and money. I’ll be there in October – hope to see you, too!

  11. Type A was fantastic! I made many many new friends, I learned about topics I didn’t even know existed in the world of blogging and got to connect with brands that I worked with after the conference. You should totally go! The hotel is gorgeous in a great part of town and the cost is really reasonable! Everyone I’ve talked to who went to BlogHer before claimed it was clicky and pricey which is why I’ve never been. I’m 30, I don’t need to re-experience high school all over again. Type A was laid back and fun. I felt like I didn’t have to put on with anyone. I could just be myself and so is everyone else.

  12. I have only been to Type-A and not BlogHer, but I hear BlogHer is one huge party without much learning. If you are into big crowds, I guess it would be a good choice and NYC is fun, of course. Otherwise, I really enjoyed Type-A and I’m thinking about going again this year.

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