BlogHer or Type A? Conferences, Conferences


I’ve been trying to organize my social life calendar – I know, not everyone has a social life. My social calendar is extremely limited. I try to fit in one or two events every year. Rock on the Range is already out of the question. ( It’s on my youngest daughter’s birthday. I would feel guilty rockin’ out instead of celebrating her birthday. )

Some years I’m fortunate enough to attend three events. Other years, I can only have free ice cream at Dairy Queen on my birthday and that’s only if I bring a coupon, birth certificate and a co-signer.

So this year, I would like to attend a blog conference. Since this year is BlogHer’s 10th anniversary, it would be so much fun – way more fun than Dairy Queen. It’s in New York City – very exciting.

I’m pretty sure I’m not taking a bus. It’s cheap but I don’t really want to put myself in such a precarious situation. Bus stations at 2 a.m. are not the place to be in any city. However, a bus ride would make for an interesting story but it’s not worth the risk.

Maybe a train? Probably not a plane.

Also, should I look for a roommate? The hotel cost . . . yikes. Let’s just say, it could ruin the budget for eternity.

Is it okay if I’m really out of practice as far as living with other people? I mean, I live with my boyfriend but he likes me already. He also has the patience of Job. Patience of Job – I’m not even kidding.

There is also Type -AΒ ParentΒ Conference in October. It’s in Atlanta this October. It could be fun. Has anyone ever been to a Type- A Conference?



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