Mission Statements: Type-A Challenge


So I’ve decided to take the Type-A  Next Level Blog Challenge because I need more challenges. Not really, but it sounds like it could be fun or at least helpful.

Mission statement? I’m not sure yet. I was thinking it should include being awesome and honest. Who doesn’t want an awesome blog? Who likes liars? No one. Yes, the mission is to be awesome and honest. Annnddd something else with words.

I’ll work on it.

Who is my audience? Music fans, fangirls, writers, Rockstars, Mom & Dad Bloggers. Don’t forget my mom. She reads this blog when she remembers the name of it or finds a link.

What do I provide that’s different? There aren’t many 40+ chicks that are still really interested in comic books and rock n’roll.

My mission statement goes a little something like this:

On my blog you will find a unique view on mommyhood, comic books and music. I’m a funny chick so let’s share a view laughs and talk about real life over coffee.


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