Connie Chung & I have the same birthday.

Maybe having the same birthday makes me feel a connection to Connie Chung. I have always admired her as a journalist. She’s had some controversial interviews but so have her male counterparts. Did you know she has been an anchor on all of the major networks?

She was one of the people that I wanted to be like when I grew up. I’m still working on it. My interviews are fine but not as great as a Connie Chung interview.
She also has a sense of humor, which I appreciate. She parodied herself on at least one occasion.

Connie Chung has been married to Maury Povich since 1984. Why does this still boggle my mind? I’m not judging. Maury is apparently the best husband ever. As long as there are paternity questions, he’ll have a job so no one can deny that he’ll continue to be a good provider and a great entertainer. He also has great stories to tell every day. I have a feeling that she might enjoy a good story.
Can you imagine what they talk about while sitting around the fireplace at night? It sounds like a beautiful life.

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