Why Women are Great Journalists: NaBloPoMo

At BlogHer University, we’re creating a mini journalism school this month. Why (or why not) do you think women make good journalists?


  • Women feel all the feelings. It’s not always a bad thing if we can use it for good instead of crying into a bowl of ice cream. Not that I have done that ever. Well, I haven’t done it this year.
  • When we get an idea, we do not give up. Ever.
  • We are great at asking questions. Questions upon questions.
  • Women are phenomenal at putting our own spin on a topic. You all need our spin.
  • We’re good at convincing you that you need our spin. You do need us. You really, really do.

If you don’t believe any of that, I have two words for you: Nellie Bly.

I rest my case.

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