Are Bloggers Journalists or Not? NaBloPoMo

Are bloggers journalists? Why or why not? If they are journalists, should they be held to journalistic standards? Why or why not?

Lettering by Sarah Coleman.
Lettering by Sarah Coleman.

Yes and No. It depends on the blogger. Blogs tend to be more about the bloggers opinion and not entirely based on facts. However, bloggers are the best editorial commentators on the planet.

We all have opinions on our favorite or least favorite things. You name it and someone has done a review about it – music, movies, makeup, fashion, social issues.

In my opinion, we should be held to the same standards as journalists. For example, telling the truth is always the best policy. Also, there’s no need to be a jerk when doing an interview,researching a topic or doing a review.

The guidelines set by the Society of Professional Journalists are

  • Seek truth and report it
  • Minimize harm
  • Be accountable and transparent

The whole section of the code of ethics can be found at

It’s always good to practice these guidelines. However, that is just my humble opinion as a blogger.

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  1. I wouldn’t presume to call myself a journalist–the closest I would dare would be “commentator.” My code of ethics is more like that of a drunk guy in a bar, but I try to look for the bullshit in anything I cite as true–while is more than I can say for a lot of famous media blowhards. Compared to the Fox gang, I’m fetch’ Edward R. Murrow and a lot of the bloggers I know do a tremendous job.

  2. Yes, Holley. As long as readers know that our blogs are where they expect to find our opinions amid facts. Not lies. Fiction must be labeled as such. Never lies. Good one today.

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