My Kid’s Almost Winning Argument for Why I Should Get a Ferret

My middle kid wants a ferret. She badgered be for several hours on Wednesday. She said, “You can have Little Sister take care of it so she can show you that she’s responsible.”

It’s a good idea in theory but Little Sister is six. Maybe we can start out with a smaller animal with fewer teeth and claws. Fish don’t have claws. We could get another fish.

She played several videos of ferrets being cute and charming.

Then she said, “I’ll dress them up in cute outfits so you can take pictures.”

Well played kid. You have been paying attention to your mom. I might have been tempted for a minute to take a picture of a ferret in a costume. Just one minute.

Still, the answer is no.

I think she’s mad at me for not rushing out to get a ferret immediately. I think she’ll have to get used to this particular disappointment.

There will be no ferrets at my house in this lifetime. I don’t want to spend eternity standing on the table so that the ferret doesn’t touch me with it’s little claws.


We don’t even have a cat. Why would I run out to the ferret store to buy a a ferret when I haven’t even been to the cat store? Can’t we just watch ferret videos on YouTube?Β I wonder if she’s just trying to sucker me into buying a cat. Hmmmm. It’s not out of the question for that to be her master plan.

Anyway, I’ll take the burden of being the meanest mom ever this week. Everyone else can take a break from being the meanest mom for awhile.

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  1. LOL, now that was a good argument!! Mr. T was badgering me for a little brother/sister. I mean like all the time. So we were in the car and he brought it up again and I was like “How about a hamster? Would you like a hamster?” and I took the next turn for a pet store! πŸ™‚

    1. Hilarious! The kid also brought up the hamster and then turned it back into the ferret argument. lol πŸ™‚ That was smart on your part!

  2. I told my kids early on–no rodents. Ain’t happening. And they followed my lead. Some friends of ours have typically incestuous guinea pigs–the count is up to eleven, and the last time we visited one of my daughters said, “Holy cow, look at all the cat food!”

    Ferrets can be vicious–get a shelter kitten and be done with it. Who doesn’t like kittens?

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