Teenage Wrist: Bands You Should See & Hear

photo: Sean Foreman
photo: Sean Foreman


Last week, I called Teenage Wrist to see if they wouldn’t mind answer some questions. It was difficult to find out anything about them. So this is what I found out about Teenage Wrist.

The band members include Kamtin Mohager, Marshall Gallagher and Anthony Salazar.

They have a new album, “Dazed, that was released this week. It is available on iTunes.

What is their favorite song to do in concert?

Since they have only done two shows so they are not sure if they have a favorite song yet.

Where are the band members from?

They are living in Los Angeles but originally from Colorado.

Where do they want to go?

They would like to tour in Europe and Japan.

Who did the cover art for the album?

They had the same model, Taylor LaShae, in all of the photos in order to have some continuity; however, there were many different photographers. The photographer for the “Afterglow” single was Marcus Cooper.

 The band has been somewhat elusive, as far as social media, is there a reason? Are you protecting your secret identity?

They are not secret agents. Since the band is fairly new, they haven’t taken over on the social media outlets yet.

What do you want people to know about the band?

The band would like you to know that they are here.

If you would like to hear or see Teenage Wrist, you can find them at the following places:





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  1. Thank you for the introduction! I’ve just listened to “Afterglow” three times in a row. I like noisy guitars, and I’m liking this band.

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