I’m over at Sammiches and Psych Meds Today. . . (and Huffington Post too!)

Today was not the best day at work. However, in spite of all of the awfulness that made today yucky, I found out that I was published on Sammiches and Psych Meds.

The link is here so visit, share. laugh, tell your friends. All of those things that bloggers do.



On top of all that Sammiche and Psych Med excitement, I also discovered that I was also published on Huffington Post.


For now, I’m going to celebrate with a glass of water and possibly a nap. There will be ice cream later. Oh yes. There will be ice cream.

The link to the article about Nyves is here. The title is boring but the article is really quite decent.


Also check out this video from Nyves. It is pretty darned awesome!

Nyves + Sammiches & Psych Meds = Ice cream. Sounds about right to me. Or I could be short circuiting.

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