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Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.


  • I rarely sleep through the night. I almost always wake up coughing. Or looking for the boogie man in the closet. The boogie man usually turns back into a vacuum after staring at it for a few minutes.
  • I have tons of nail polish but I never paint my fingernails. Well, almost never – like one time in four years. Toenails only.
  • I have owned a home and have also been homeless. I will be moving again this summer. I think that makes more times than I can count. It’s really going to be the 14th moving experience.


“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


  1. I know what you mean about not sleeping at night. (It’s 2:16am EST and I’m reading blogs over here) Although in my case, it’s not the boogie man I’m afraid of. I usually am afraid of intruders and I go run around like ninja if I have to get off my bed. I go darting around to the kitchen for snacks or something.

    I also dont do nail polish, but that’s because I’m vegan and most polishes arent.

    Good luck with the moving. I moved 4 times in the last 2.5 years and one was halfway across the world (I literally crosssed the Pacific Ocean). You’ll get through it, it’s fun to start over.

    I’m glad I found your blog through the daily post! Feel free to check out and comment on mine as well. Keep writing!

    -Romina @ http://www.dietyogaenergy.com

  2. I counted up the number of times I’ve moved since I divorced my first husband in 1994 (so 21 years ago) and it turned out to be about 23 times, eight different states, and about 15 different cities. I spent a year in an RV, and about a month or so living in my car homeless once. That’s not counting time spent on friends couches while “between places”. ^_^ Since I married the current and finally husband, three years ago, we’ve moved four times, three different cities and two states.

    I’m done moving. This is it. It’ll take something apocalyptic to get me out of here.

    I also used to stare at things in the middle of the night and wonder if they were intruders, but they have meds for that (in my case) and I sleep much better now. ^_^

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