Starter of all projects. Finisher of almost none: #NaBloPoMo

Are you better at starting things or finishing them up?


This is the easiest question that I’ve heard all week. (The questions I’ve heard lately are “Can we get a dog?” “Why don’t we get a trampoline?” ” Why is there a butter knife in the backseat of your car?”)

The answer to the first question is that I am definitely an idea person. I have no problem starting projects. Pinterest is my favorite thing on the internet

Usually, I get sidetracked or overwhelmed – either by life or the project. So I’ve been trying to be more diligent about finishing projects. There just isn’t enough space in my house for a million unfinished plans.

Hopefully, we’ll be moving soon and I will be knee deep in DIY projects. It could be heavenly or a bit hellish. Either way, it will be interesting. At the end, we’ll have stuff that we need. If I don’t finish the DIY then we won’t have stuff.

P.S. The butter knife was in the backseat when I bought the car. Who knows what they needed it. It’s a mystery.

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