All of the Time in the World: #NaBloPoMo

On days when you can take your time, what is your favorite thing to do to get your day started?


When I have all of the time in the world, I like to drink coffee in my Wonder Woman or Abby Cadabby mug.

Then I like to write something. Anything. On a good day, I think of the best ideas while driving. This is like an cruel joke because I hate driving. It’s a necessary evil. I have to get places. The ideas are a bonus for getting there in one piece.

A day in which I can take a few pictures is usually good. My family is used to me taking pictures of my food at restaurants and cool stuff at stores. I don’t think they even notice the weird looks from clerks anymore.

If no one has called me to fill in at work or to remind me of a forgotten doctor’s appointment, then I would like to pack up a few things and go to the beach. Or maybe a concert. If it can be an outdoor music festival close to the beach, that would be a a lovely time.

Maybe if the day is going fairly well, there can be a stop at the bookstore. There will also be ice cream. Ice cream always makes the day better.


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