What Have I Gotten Myself into? : Drunk Minnie Mouse Radio Show


I have really done it this time. I decided to challenge myself again. Why have I done this to myself?

I thought it would be an excellent idea to do a radio show.

Besides researching the band and thinking of interesting things to talk about for 30 minutes. Originally, I had a week to prepare for this interview. Plans changed and I only had two days to prepare.

The interview is today! It’s today!

I should totally be doing some vocal exercises. I have seriously watched about 15 on YouTube this week.

Some are good. I can totally sound like a dude now. Now my inner debate is whether I should keep sounding like a dude or just stick with my drunk Minnie Mouse voice.

Some weren’t helpful at all. Yes, I know . . . breathe without hyperventilating or squeaking but how do you do that?! Oh right, by breathing from your diaphragm or something. What if I can’t find it?!

On the bright side, Lucas found my headphones. Plus, I have a list of notes to remind myself of things during the interview so I can totally freak out more than I am right now.

I’m also trying to decide if I need to go get a Margarita or just drink the tequila straight from the bottle. Who can say that I won’t do both? The booze drive-thru is less than five minutes away. Thank you Lord! (Sorry Lord, if that was an inappropriate thanking of you.)

So if anyone wants to listen here is the link. You guys can also call in and talk by calling (713) 955-0765. Don’t forget! 5:30 p.m. EST tonight!

Chasing Destino’s Sauced Interviews

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