Mermaids : Splish Splash Challenge


People love mermaids. Some people want to be mermaids. Others, like me, decorate their bathrooms with mermaid drawings and seashells. I made drawing pictured above so I can hang it in my bathroom.

Look at this awesome bathroom. It is spectacular. Must have it.

According to Wikipedia, the first mermaid stories began to circulate in Assyria around the year 1000 B.C. Hans Christian Andersen didn’t publish “The Little Mermaid” until 1836 A.D. You could find a different mermaid story from just about every place in the world.

That is a long time for mermaid myths and stories to develop. There are also musicals and paintings depicting mermaids.

There are at least 130 mermaid statues around the world. I would love to have a mermaid statue. Then it would be 131 statues.

I don’t think it will fit in the bathroom though.

This is one of my favorite bands, Being As An Ocean.


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