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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: Nerd in the Brain Summer Reading Challenge


Dear Nerd in the Brain,

I apologize for taking two months to read this book – “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” The challenge was to read a book that was published in the year I was born. “Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” was published in 1974.

I’m not sure why it took so long to finish the book.

No motorcycle riding or events kept me from reading. It would have been much cooler than moving to a new house or taking the teenager to band camp.

There was much talk of philosophy as it relates to taking care of a motorcycle.

I almost gave up on trying to finish this book. Apparently, I’m not interested in philosophy or motorcycle parts. There is that whole beauty vs science thing. Some people appreciate the beauty of something but not the science that makes it beautiful.

For example, the Internet is made of code. Lots of code to make it all look shiny. Lots of code to make it fast. The Internet wouldn’t be so shiny and fast if it wasn’t for code and science. I took a coding class once. Coding is very precise and exact. There is no room for interpretation.

I hated the coding class more than anything. It was disappointing. I wanted to be in love with code. Coding wasn’t that into me and vice versa.

However, I do appreciate everything that coders do to make the Internet beautiful.

Also, the parts of the book about Buddhism and the story that the author tells about the main character and his son made the book worth reading.

Thanks for letting me turn this in late. I don’t expect any credit or cool dragon bags.




P.S. If anyone reads this book, you have to read the afterword. It is a must.


Mermaids : Splish Splash Challenge


People love mermaids. Some people want to be mermaids. Others, like me, decorate their bathrooms with mermaid drawings and seashells. I made drawing pictured above so I can hang it in my bathroom.

Look at this awesome bathroom. It is spectacular. Must have it.

According to Wikipedia, the first mermaid stories began to circulate in Assyria around the year 1000 B.C. Hans Christian Andersen didn’t publish “The Little Mermaid” until 1836 A.D. You could find a different mermaid story from just about every place in the world.

That is a long time for mermaid myths and stories to develop. There are also musicals and paintings depicting mermaids.

There are at least 130 mermaid statues around the world. I would love to have a mermaid statue. Then it would be 131 statues.

I don’t think it will fit in the bathroom though.

This is one of my favorite bands, Being As An Ocean.


Go Climb a Tree: Oak


I’m pretty sure that this is an oak tree. I think it’s a white oak. It’s huge and really old. I can’t even fit the whole tree in this picture. My camera isn’t big enough.

There are remnants of a tree house.


It has this plaque on it. Erie County Bicentennial Tree 1776-1976. The bicentennial of the United States, not Ohio. That’s pretty cool. So does that mean that the tree is years old? I think so. If anyone knows what it really means, let me know. I’d love to know.

Go Climb a Tree: Stumped vs. Purple Plum vs. Tree

Get it? I’m stumped. Oh, tree humor. It should be a thing. (Nerd in the Brain – is it a nerdy thing already?)

Yeah, I’ve been trying to identify the tree in my backyard. I went outside to take the picture and everything.

So I thought it would be easy peasy to identify this tree. Nope. I am truly stumped right now. Another clue that you can’t see are the berries. They look like blueberries rather than mulberries. Mulberries sort of look like black raspberries.


If anyone happens to know what type of tree this is, please let me know. If anyone has any tree jokes, that would be great too.

One of my friends said it could be a purple plum. I think she might be right.

In conclusion,


Go Climb a Tree Challenge

Go Climb a Tree: Sugar Maple

Nerd in the Brain has another nerdy challenge. For this one, you might have to go outside.

The challenge is to find out what types of trees are around you. When we moved, I decided to put the desk by a window with a beautiful tree. I like to look outside, so there may as well be something beautiful to look at, right?! I just don’t like to go outside. So this is a challenging challenge.


I also found a tree identification guide at the Arbor Day Foundation’s website. It is really helpful. I discovered that the tree by the window is a sugar maple. It’s going to be really fabulous in the fall.

Arbor Day Foundation: Tree Idenification

Go Climb a Tree: A Go Play, Go Learn Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge #2: Snow


The second challenge of Nerd in the Brain’s summer reading challenge is to read a book with a one word title. For this challenge, I chose “Snow” by Orhan Pamuk. It’s the winner of a Nobel Peace Prize in Literature.

So that should tell you that it’s excellent.

It took me longer than usual to finish this book. It’s much different than what I typically read. I was determined to complete this book no matter what – even if I wasn’t totally interested in the political or religious topics. I think I will have to look up the history of Turkey in order to understand some of the issues. You can still enjoy this book without knowing. I’m just a nerd in that way.

The book dealt with politics, religion, love. If it wasn’t for the love stories, I might have given up. Thank goodness for love.