He Wanted to Show Me His “Art.”

show me his art

There was this guy that wanted to show me his art. There’s always a guy, right?

He had long hair and was fairly attractive. He seemed smart. My instinct said that he was a condescending asshole. Why don’t I ever listen to myself? I’m usually right so why not listen?

A long, long time ago, I was living in the city. I was a much less glamorous Carrie Bradshaw without so many friends. Something was missing from my life. I always thought it was love from someone else. It never was.

The missing thing was fulfillment, self-love, and knowledge of self-worth. It’s easier to say that I needed to love myself than to actually do it. They don’t sell confidence at the store.

The path that I chose was usually wrong. I went with the popular vote instead of my instinct.

Anyway . . . so back to the guy.

We made a date. His story was that he wanted to show me his art.

He was much drunker than I realized. We were already on the highway before I noticed that he was totally lit. It was the first time that night that I thought that I was possibly going to die.

There was kissing. And then he bit me. I was freaked out. Biting is not my thing. Neither is hair-pulling. I couldn’t believe that he freaking bit me. No one has ever shut down their friendliness faster than me at that moment. I can’t remember if he called me a bitch or not. Possibly.

Luckily, he was so drunk that he passed out within a few minutes.

Yet, I was stuck there – late at night, without a car, in a big city. It was the second time that I thought I could be in trouble. I had to walk to the main street in the dark. There really weren’t too many lights.

I had to either call someone to pick me up or walk to a friend’s house. I wished that I had more friends to call.

Someone answered their phone and saved my ass. I was lucky. Unbelievably lucky. It could have been so much worse

He did show me his art. I’m not an art critic but the magazine collage of “The Last Supper” was not impressive.

So the lesson for today: Trust your instinct.

show me his art

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5 responses to “He Wanted to Show Me His “Art.””

  1. Excellent advice. Our gut is telling us something is wrong and we should listen.

  2. very wise words. You were lucky. I hope your post helps someone else think first and take care xoxoxo

    1. Thanks. I hope so too. ( I was extremely lucky!)

  3. I often made impetuous decisions leaping before thinking! I thought you got out of this fairly safely, Holley. I had a man pull my hair that was in a ponytail on a date, hard! I could feel roots tearing. I was shocked because we had gone out for 5 weeks before this. He was pushy on this night and I opened my apt door since I had invited Hine to watch a game and made apps. I mean after 5 weeks you feel sorta “safe!” I was definitely old enough to think I knew his character but told him to leave at half time. Never did that since even after 8 weeks. My gut instinct or intuition must be “broken!” Lol 🙂

    1. I was incredibly luck that he passed out. Also, lucky that it wasn’t worse than a bite. Also, lucky that someone picked me up. Just plain lucky.
      You would think you would know someone after 5 weeks. Sometimes their true colors comes out. Maybe he felt safe enough to show his true self.

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