Year in Review: 2018 Didn’t Totally Suck

Last year didn’t start off well for me. It was more like Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness than Shiny and Oh So Bright.

I quit a job that payed well because the money wasn’t worth crying every day. I still cried for a month afterward but that was because my bank account was sad also. For a few months, I worked at another crappy job.

In June, I broke my toe and stopped working at factories for forever and ever. It was kind of a blessing. A very painful blessing.

There was more time for blogging, reading and driving my kids every damn place on earth. I did 280 blog posts and approximately 26 posts on BuzzFeed. On a side note, I may have reset my BuzzFeed password about 27 times.

In 2018, I added two sections, Funktober and Cold Case Quest, to keep it interesting around here. The Funktober posts were fun. The Cold Case Quest posts are more serious but it fills some need that I have to make a tiny difference in the world.

Apparently, I took the Goodreads reading challenge super seriously because I kicked its ass. Other years, it has kicked mine. In 2018, I read 38 or 39 books. Most years, my limit has been 15. There are book reviews for most of them on this blog. I read more ebooks this year than ever before. Is it because I can read the kindle in the car without getting carsick? Possibly.

My boyfriend thinks I should tell you what I’ve really been listening to for the last several months. Fine, here is the video that I can’t stop watching. You’re welcome.

I don’t have a plan for the blog for 2019 quite yet. Hopefully, it will be interesting enough. So here’s to another year of blogging, reading and driving my kids every damn place.

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  1. The O’Jays are wonderful! No wonder you can’t stop watching this video!

    1. They still play shows. Still dress pretty sharp. 😉

  2. The OJays huh? Your musical influences in your younger years must have been VERY diverse and wonderful.

    1. My mom listened to Motown, Neil Diamond, Simon & Garfunkel. She had the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. And Peter, Paul and Mary on an eight-track.
      I’m 99% sure that my grandparents took me to see Pearl Bailey when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old.

  3. selizabryangmailcom Avatar

    Last year started out like absolute hell for us and barely improved. Lots of hope for 2019, along with planning some hands-on extra effort.

    If it makes you feel any better (not that you feel bad) I can’t stop listening to Donna Summer sing “Macarthur Park.”

    Onward to more reading, writing, and gas stations!

    1. yesss Donna Summer!! 🙂 Onward to better things!! (I’m trying to drive less but so far it’s not going according to plan. lol)

  4. Wow, Holley, you’ve been busy, and 38 books!?! I literally read zero books last year, and barely have time to read the few magazines I still get, as listening to all the music artists & bands send me to review – not to mention writing my marathon reviews – takes up nearly all of my free time!

    1. You’re also a busy guy. Some people read more . . . I don’t know how.

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