Cold Case Quest: Lillie Smith

lillie smith

On March 7, 1981, Lillie Smith died in a fire at a Columbus, Ohio boarding house. The fire was set on purpose. Smith, age 33, was a mother, daughter, wife, and sister.

There was a man at the boarding house that was a suspect. Other residents of the boarding house heard Smith and the suspect arguing that night. He was even arrested within a day or two of the fire. I wish that I could tell you that he was convicted.

However, there is nothing reported in the newspapers or online anywhere. There isn’t even a photograph of her in the newspaper or on the Ohio Attorney General’s website. It seems like there should be a photograph for everyone. The police probably have at least one photo for their case file.

I’m really interested in knowing what happened in Lillie Smith’s case. Was there a trial? If anyone happens to know anything about this case, you can send a message to my Facebook page, Chasing Destino.

Who to contact about the Lillie Smith case:
The Columbus Police Department

Cold Case Quest

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