Things to do Before the End of the World: #bookreview

things to do before the end of the world

In Things to Do Before the End of The World by Emily Barr, one of the many problems that Libby is facing is that the end of the world is near. Where would you go if you knew the end of the world was coming in a few months?


Libby is an extremely shy British girl, who is in her last year of high school. It’s been announced that the end of the world is coming several months away. So Libby decides to throw caution to the wind and do some things before the world ends.

She finds out that her father had a brother that he never mentioned. Her uncle had a daughter, Natasha, who Libby starts emailing. They correspond for a short time before Natasha arrives on Libby’s doorstep. The book is a little slow up until this point. Does the author want the reader to get comfortable and believe that everything is going to be alright? It’s possible. When Natasha arrives, the pace picks up. Is it because Natasha seems brave and daring? Also, it’s a possibility.

Natasha tries to help Libby come out of her shell and to be more daring. According to Natasha, Libby should pursue the girl of her dreams and travel around the world while she still can. They travel to Spain and Paris. Everything seems wonderful. Natasha teaches Libby magic tricks and a bit about hustling people for money. Natasha and Libby see the sights and do amazing things.

Can Libby really trust Natasha? Natasha’s stories aren’t adding up but Libby can’t quite figure out the whole story. She knows that she should be more cautious with Natasha but she doesn’t want to let go of someone that pushes her to get out in the world and live her life.


If you like apocalyptic books with a sense of adventure and intrigue then you will love Things to do Before the End of the World.

If you are too busy preparing your own bunker for the end of the world, you might be missing out on a really interesting book.

  • I received this ebook from NetGalley and Penguin Platform, as part of The Write Reads book tour. Thanks to all! All opinions are my own. Obviously.
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