Searching for Autograph Books: We’re not that into you Elsa

Batgirl & The Black Canary.
Batgirl & The Black Canary.

For the past few days, I have been looking for autograph books. It used to be so easy to find a variety of autograph books. What happened to variety? Almost every autograph book that I found was Disney. What can you do if you aren’t going to Disney? What if we’re not so into princesses? What if we’re into Thor and Wonder Woman. FYI: My youngest daughter wants to dress up like the Pink Power Ranger and the Black Canary. We’re not that into you anymore Elsa.

Since I was running out of time to make three spectacular comic book-related autograph books, I bought three different journals. I was going to buy some small sketchbooks; however, they were all black. Three daughters with the same autograph book = chaos + tears + aggravation + mommy needs a drink but she’s out of vodka.

Does anyone make comic book related autograph books? If not, someone should. I’m going to look around at the Comic Con to see what I can find. For the children. I mean, if I happen to find a Wonder Woman book, maybe I could reward myself with it. It’s going to be a long drive. I might deserve a reward by the end of the trip, right? Right.

I did find some cool ideas on Pinterest for making your own autograph book. Of course, they were ALL Disney. I think the idea could be modified with Thor, Wonder Woman or whoever.

This would be a cool cover for my next autograph book. I’m still working on filling up my pink book that my mommy bought for me.

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  1. Hubby collects autographs from various comic-con event. He has a binder full of those clear plastic inserts. He sticks photos/print outs of the characters in them and has the celebrity sign them. The binder also has plastic on the outside so you can insert whatever photo you want as a cover. He usually draws his own.

  2. You can do what my friend does. Write to the publisher or writer and ask for an autograph of there next comic and pay extra for it. Tell them its a present for your kid who is a great fan of their comic and give the a picture of your child.

  3. We have a friend in Slovenia that still publishes graphic novels. You can find his company online: Strip Art Features. I don’t know if he publishes autograph books, but you could check it out. Let me know if you need me to email Ervin personally.

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