Searching for Autograph Books: We’re not that into you Elsa

For the past few days, I have been looking for autograph books. It used to be so easy to find a variety of autograph books. What happened to variety? Almost every autograph book that I found was Disney. What can you do if you aren’t going to Disney? What if we’re not so into princesses? What if we’re into Thor and Wonder Woman. FYI: My youngest daughter wants to dress up like the Pink Power Ranger and the Black Canary. We’re not that into you anymore Elsa.

Since I was running out of time to make three spectacular comic book-related autograph books, I bought three different journals. I was going to buy some small sketchbooks; however, they were all black. Three daughters with the same autograph book = chaos + tears + aggravation + mommy needs a drink but she’s out of vodka.

Does anyone make comic book related autograph books? If not, someone should. I’m going to look around at the Comic Con to see what I can find. For the children. I mean, if I happen to find a Wonder Woman book, maybe I could reward myself with it. It’s going to be a long drive. I might deserve a reward by the end of the trip, right? Right.

I did find some cool ideas on Pinterest for making your own autograph book. Of course, they were ALL Disney. I think the idea could be modified with Thor, Wonder Woman or whoever.

This would be a cool cover for my next autograph book. I’m still working on filling up my pink book that my mommy bought for me.


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