Leanie Kaleido: Meet and Greet

leanie kaleido
Leanie Kaleido

Singer/songwriter Leanie Kaleido of the UK has a new album, “How to Weigh a Whale Without a Scale.” It was produced by Mark Gardener of Ride.

You’ll find out how to weigh a whale without a scale. It would have to be worth a listen to find out the mysteries of life. It’s good music so it’s a win-win. Finding out answers to life + good music = Yes, please!

Kaleido says, “The songs on this album represent the highs and lows I’ve encountered over the past few years, how I’ve dealt with them and what I’ve learnt through the process. It’s a mixture of love, regret, philosophies, humour and hope. I’ve always been a late developer, and so this to me feels like a coming-of-age album.”

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