Poetry Maybe. #8

Fools in the crowd of a young musician cheer

The first award for best soloist in a box of the same old jazz

Hidden behind the class of people who have been killed by the police

hurt on the other side of the road is the same

do you think that we are a good person or not?

Take a photograph of the square world in your own home.

systematic and automatic feedback from a few other players that all look like bestselling villains.

as soon as possible is when the bringer of justice will go to the end of the world to see what the truth has been waiting for

Who knows if she wants terms of the relationship between truth and the Tower

Can you hear the orchestra in the crowd?

They have a very strong sense of obligation to their own muse.

That one muse can launch a new version of the world that will make a difference between having a lot of nothing or too much something else

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