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Forgive Me Book Blurb

A secret videotape. A painful truth. A quest for revenge.

Investigative journalist, Susan ‘Stripe’ McLachlan, is constantly hounded by eager documentarians for interview requests about the Night Scrawler murders. One of the victims of the mysterious serial killer was a member of her own family, her father.


Quite a bit of “Forgive Me” by Kateri Stanley is set in the forests of Washington. Susan ‘Stripe’ McLachlan is an investigative journalist who has been asked by Isaac Payne, founder of a fairly successful website, to do an article for the website.

Stripe also gets requests to do articles or interviews about The Night Scrawler murders that occurred in 1996-97. Stripe’s father was one of The Night Scrawler’s victims so she is very familiar with the case. The trip to Washington reminds her of the cabin that she would go to with her parents. Fun fact: There are three national parks and nine national forests in Washington.

In high school, Stripe was friends with a girl named Cameron. Stripe wasn’t usually attracted to females but Cameron was the exception. It turns out that Cameron was not who she appeared to be.

No one in this novel, except Stripe, is who they pretend to be. Stripe has to use her investigative skills to reveal all sorts of secrets that she may or may not want to know. For a while, Isaac Payne chains her to a bed. It was kind of weird. I guess he didn’t want her to run away while he was revealing his secrets and a few of Stripe’s father’s secrets.

Who was her father? What type of work was he really doing? Will she find out who the Night Scrawler is after all of this time?

Most people would need therapy after all of the things that Stripe goes through in this book. She seems to be doing alright with all of the revelations and even takes on motherhood. I swear I won’t reveal any more secrets.


If you have Xylophobia, the fear of wooded areas, then this book might be too scary for you.

If you like mysteries about fictional serial killers then you might enjoy “Forgive Me.” Washington sounds like a beautiful place with an adequate amount of creepiness. I could say the same thing about the book. It was enjoyable with the right amount of scariness.

Author Bio

Kateri Stanley graduated from The Open University with a degree in Arts and Humanities and worked for the National Health Service for eight years. She started off writing fanfiction as a kid, moved to short stories, created some audio plays and eventually sat down to write her first novel. When she’s not writing, you can find her binge-watching films and TV shows, making tons of playlists and dabbling in the occasional video game. She currently resides in the West Midlands, United Kingdom with her partner, they are hoping to be cat parents.

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