Cold Case Quest: Jennifer Judy

Jennifer Judy. Cold Case Quest
February 13, 1969 (page 12 of 63). (1969, Feb 13). Cincinnati Enquirer (1923-2009) Retrieved from

Jennifer Judy was walking in the downtown Cincinnati area on Tuesday, February 11, 1969. No one was sure where she was going but she did have a friend in the area.

Her boss had dropped her off at her residence earlier in the evening. A few hours later, she walked a block and half to the Greyhound station. Jennifer was last seen at the Greyhound station at 8:40 p.m. Then Jennifer turned around and walked another 4 1/2 blocks. She arrived at the area close to 311 Pike St., where she was found at 9:25 p.m. Jennifer had been stabbed and possibly sexually assaulted. Her wallet was found at the building across the street.

There was a witness who saw a suspect running from the scene at around 9:10 p.m. The suspect was running near Columbia Parkway at Pike St. I cannot say that what the witness said was true or if the witness was actually a suspect. There was also a second person who found Jennifer in the doorway of 311 Pike St., The newspaper said that the second witness has a car telephone, which seems a bit odd for 1969.

This case has several articles in the newspaper so the story received as much media as it could in 1969. No one has been able to make all of the pieces of the story fit yet. The police also didn’t have the technology that they would have today. They couldn’t test for DNA in 1969. So without evidence they struggled to find suspects that fit the profile. The police department questioned several people but the case is still unsolved.

Crime Stoppers, 1-888-352-3040 or Cincinnati Police, Homicide Unit, 513-352-3542

Cold Case Quest

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