Cold Case Quest: Twanda Alexander

twanda alexander

Twanda Alexander

It has been four years since someone shot 42-year-old Twanda Alexander of Cincinnati. Alexander was shot during the evening of Tuesday, February 7, 2017. Soon after the incident, she passed away at the hospital.

Why would anyone shoot Twanda Alexander? From everything that I have read about her, Alexander was very family-oriented. It doesn’t seem like she had enemies. Was she the intended target?

This piece of info may not be related at all. It’s just interesting. In 2004, Alexander’s niece was shot. Fortunately, the niece survived. There was a witness but they did not identify the shooter. I suspect that the witness was afraid to name any names.

What are the odds that 13 years later, Alexander finds out who the shooter is? Plus, the shooter would have to find out that she knew. The scenario is probably too specific to be real. Honestly, it is probably just a terrible coincidence that two people in the same family were shot.

1700 block of Crest Hill Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio

So if anyone knows anything about Alexander’s case, please come forward with any and all information. The family of Twanda Alexander deserves to have justice.

Cincinnati Police Homicide Unit: 513-352-3542. Greater Cincinnati Crime Stoppers

Cold Case Quest

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