116 Days of Summer Guests: Pressure

Pressure guest post

Music in the depths of the sea.

Hey, I am Simon of the Story Metal band Pressure. I see myself as a storyteller and a story collector and I never back down from different experiences because its in the new experiences that fuel my and my bands music. 

I will tell you about this summer when I was taking one of my long walks. I love to walk by the sea and I often do this at night to be able to walk alone and not so many people around me. This tine it was a late evening and I had some really hard discussions with people close to me. My head was all over the place and I couldn’t make out any good or bad thoughts. It was just chaos. I kept walking on, not even wanting to listen to music or to listen to nature. I was thinking about my existence, about my choice of life and if there was more to life than just struggling and fighting against seemingly impossible odds.

I ended up deep down in the Swedish woods, by a small lake and sat down. There was only moonlight and some small red/purple lingering light left. And I suddenly realized the answers to my questions, to my problems and to my own thoughts. Being a musician is not about succeeding or being secure or finding a safe place. Its about tearing out your soul for everyone to see and feed of. And when your soul is empty, its just because it nourished your audience and then you just refuel and do it again.

Being a musician for me is not a career, not a way to put food on your table or to provide for a family. It’s a calling, its an urge. If you compare it to passion, passion is not good or bad, its just an urge that you cannot resist when its big enough. And music is the same way. I am so thankful for meeting all the inspirational people around me and to chase my dream of helping people through my music. 

I have met so many musicians who doesn’t understand this simple thing, or, well, others with “normal” jobs as well. Being asked “When are you going to get a real job” or something similar is very common actually. But I salute you my fellow musicians out there. You know what I am talking about. Doing all these hours rehearsing, writing, packing gear for shows, going to shows, soundcheck, waiting some hours to perform, pack down, travel back and unload and just get paid for a very little part of it. I know this. I feel this, been there done that and still am.

But is it worth it? Many would say no, or something like that if I make it one day all this will not have been in vain. But for me and for Pressure its not the end that matters, it’s the journey itself. Try, fail, get back up, try again, do a little better, fail again, get back up and repeat. If you can do this with a smile on your face and determination in your heart you will be able to move mountains. To be able to say that you have lived as a musician, as an entertainer, as a person that actually touched the innermost soul of your audiences and made a difference. When you hear someone sing your song after a show, or talk to someone that spontaneously mentions your songs. That’s your reward. 

I stood back up and started my way back that late evening. Not being ok, not feeling like the strongest person in the world but I felt that I would be able to get back up. I went back home and started to write music. Inspiration flowed and my mind became focused again. Sometimes it’s the small things that brings us back, sometimes it’s the big things. This time it was the silence of the woods and the depths of the sea that turned my mind and got me to think straight again.

Remember that comfort and strength comes from within. Friends, family, lovers and colleagues can help you to a certain point but the last step is for you to take on your own. You can do anything if you realize that if you are strong on your own, you are untouchable, unbreakable and no one will bring you down. 

Live in music, walk with music and never back down from a challenge

Simon Forsell







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