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Flush of Finland

The band Flush of Finland has joined us today with their punk rock, a healthy sense of humor as well as a hint of Nordic melancholy. Personally, I think that if you love Nordic crime dramas then there’s a good possibility that you will enjoy Flush. Keep reading to find out more about the band. Please welcome Flush to the blog!

Where have you been staying in 2021?

At home, mostly. We all live in the same city and have been leading our lives in this temporary physical/virtual/present/remote world quite steadily. In Finland, and in our hometown Helsinki, things are now quite open as we have good vaccine rates, but there is still some way to go until the live music scene is back to how it used to be.

What have you been doing during times of quarantine?

The most important achievement is probably that we recorded new music in Spring this year and that EP comes out now, 5th of November. It’s called ‘Conspiracies, Threats and Chaos’, and we think it’s good.

Have you found or re-found any hobbies?

Across the band, I don’t think there have been any significant new hobbies or interests. The one thing where we have evolved is in the music production process, where I (Lasse, vocals, and guitars) got more into recording by myself and understanding how all that works. I can now create much better demos of new songs for the band and we had a clearer vision also when recording the EP on what we wanted it to sound like. To be honest though, at least I have watched a lot of TV during the pandemic and am really looking forward to a life with less digital screens.

What have you been listening to lately?

There is so much good stuff out there! I found Spanish Love Songs this year and have played their album ‘Brave Faces Everyone’ to death. The new Deafheaven is really good, despite being very different to earlier works. A lot of Deftones is still played in our household and the new Every Time I Die album is a killer. Mogwai, The Hold Steady, Full of Hell, Emma Ruth Rundle… and many others have also been streaming a lot.

Has your songwriting process changed this year?

I’d probably say that in the last two years I’ve taken a little more time to work out the songs before taking them to the band and I have definitely put a lot more effort into the lyrics. Lyrics used to be almost like a “necessary evil”, something that just had to be done, but since the pre-production phase of our 2020 debut album, I’ve found a new joy in writing lyrics and have put more effort into those. I enjoy the aspect of telling stories or conveying a message, while also playing with words and rhymes.

Is there any message that you would like to convey to fans or soon-to-be fans?

Support your local independent music scene! Go see small, local shows. Spend money in the small bars that still invest in live music and buy merch from the local band. With the resurrection of the music scene after the pandemic, there is a big risk that revenue shares are increasingly going into the big platforms and mega-enterprises like Live Nation, Warner, and Spotify. But for music to remain a creative force and artform, we need grassroots music. We need local scenes. We need small bars and music venues. And we need genuine artists, who are in it for the music and not for the business. Otherwise, we will surrender music to business enterprises who will automate the creative process through AI and turn all music into commercial commodities that exist for revenue purposes only.

What is something positive that has happened to you during 2021?

Looking from the other angle, nothing majorly negative happened. We’re still alive and mostly quite healthy, as are those around us. That, in itself, is already positive. We recorded new music and it’s now being published, and that is a major milestone for any band. We’ve had a band beer released and now also a signature cocktail, our music has been on public radio, and we made a cool and sexy music video, so it’s definitely not all doom and gloom in the Flush camp. Check out our website at for links and news on what we are up to! Peace.

Connect with Flush

The band members:

Eero – bass, nu-metal influences, and youth

Bögä – drums, tempo, and smiles

Lasse – guitars, vocals, and most songs

Janne – guitars, some vocals, and most solos.



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