Sleep Deprived Music Review: ALL HAIL THE YETI


Since we’re awake anyway, we might as well listen to music that keeps us awake. For example, ALL HAIL THE YETI has a newish album that will keep us awake for days. Even their name is loud since it is in all caps, which seems like they don’t want anyone to sleep through their set.

Their music is loud but not without a point. If it’s going to cause hearing loss, I want to hear a story before totally losing my hearing at least.

According to the band, “Headless Valley” is a vivid tale about the secrets of the Nahanni, the so-called “Valley of Headless Men,” a remote place cloaked in legend and lore, in the Northwest Territories of Canada.”

ALL HAIL THE YETI is currently based in Los Angeles. They can probably look out of their window and see a million stories waiting to be told.

I would like to listen to this album while on a road trip to see a variety of haunted locations. Waverly Hills Sanitorium. The Mothman Museum. The list could go on with ALL HAIL THE YETI to keep me company.


Connor Garritty – Vocals
Dave Vanderlinde – Guitars
Nicholas Diltz – Bass/Vocals
Ryan “Junior” Kittlitz – Drums

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