Poetry Maybe #32

poetry maybe #32: Get  Your Ppayers To Go

Poetry Maybe #32: Get Your Prayers to Go

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on Pexels.com

Get Your Prayers to Go

Can it be so easy

to instigate 
a fictional retelling?

one person 
can execute 
a story from top
to bottom
and post it 

they wait for 
the floating hearts and
syrupy words 
always praising 
the new lords 
of truth and
the lies 
all want to believe
that there should be 

can they get an amen?

celebrations for typing
and entertaining 
the boring drones

there is no 
that those lies 
won't result in a crime
or an intellectual beheading
will someone be appointed
to swarm the computer room
and confiscate the keyboard
and the cute board with the wifi password
that a blogger posted 
on all of her 
social media

one figure
can be visual to 
one can replace 
that old auntie who
can be dismissed
because she doesn't 
do all of that twittering
waiting for the praises from 

us the
so we can
exit TikTok
hide under the
bed until our 
prayers endure
whatever is going to 
the electronic highway ends
And hopes are answered
please say amen at the end of
your prayer to go

Poetry Maybe


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