Mothman: Bucketlist Goal Completed

mothman silver memorial bridge
Silver Memorial Bridge

Several weeks ago, we took a detour in order to visit the area where the Mothman legend began in 1966. Now we can cross it off of the bucket list.

The Mothman Museum and statue is located in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. We have seen the Mothman episode of BuzzFeed Unsolved enough to know where to go. The only place that we didn’t visit was the pizza place.

The power plant was the first thing that we noticed on the way to town. Honestly, no one can miss the power plant. We did not stop there to visit. It looks ominous so I would believe that Mothman could have lived there.

If you are a fan of urban legends or folklore, then you will love Point Pleasant and all of the folklore sites. Every year, the town has a Mothman festival in September. We visited about a week early but it sounds like a good time.

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