Remember November Book Tag

remember november book tag
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The Remember November book tag is based on holidays occurring during the month of November. I found the tag on Kyera’s Library.

As usual, everyone is welcome to participate.

RULES for the Remember November Book Tag

Sadie Hawkins Day – First Saturday

a female character who takes her fate in her own hands

In Cinderella is Dead, Sophia doesn’t want to keep up traditions. The traditions are terrible so she isn’t wrong for going against the status quo.

Guy Fawkes Night – November 5

a plot that was stopped at the last minute

remember november book tag

Saxophone Day – November 6

a character with an uncommon hobby

Jude collects things that have a morbid history.

World Kindness Day – November 13

a villain who is changed by kindness

Jaime Lannister. I enjoyed his character arc until the end.

Use Less Stuff Day – November 18

a character who gives up something in their life (i.e. a dream, a possession)

Katniss gives up her freedom so that her sister doesn’t have to play in the games.

Start Your Own Country Day – November 22

a book with its own land/world

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