Cold Case Quest: Tiana Goins

tiana goins

18-year-old Tiana Goins was the victim of a drive-by shooting on April 7, 2008. At approximately 10 p.m., she and about a dozen other people were gathered on Cordell Street in Columbus, Ohio when someone opened fire. Goins was struck by a bullet and died at the scene.

Goins was about to start a new job. She was also enrolled in nursing classes. Her family and friends believed that she was going to be successful.

Witnesses said the car could have been a white or tan Chevrolet Caprice. There could have been three men in the car. At this time, I have not read a description of the men. If a description is found, I will keep you updated.

The rumors are that the shooting could have been related to a dispute between two groups of teenagers or young adults. Apparently, Goins was not involved in the conflict.

It is very likely that no one wanted to come forward because they were afraid of putting themselves in harm’s way. The police were not sure if it was related to gang-related shootings that occurred in 2008.

If you have any information, please submit your tips to the Columbus Police Department or Crime Stoppers. Tips can be submitted anonymously.


Columbus Police Department

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers

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